Win Free Laptop–The Real Story Behind

Laptops have become an essential for anyone these days. Gone are the days when people would rather choose desktop computers than laptops. This is because a lot of people now are on-the-go and they want something that they can carry along with them wherever they go. However, compared to desktop computers, laptops can be a little more expensive. The higher the specs of your laptop are, the higher the price. So, somehow laptops have become a social status symbol for a lot of people.

This is also the reason why a lot of individuals are falling prey to free laptop schemes. Since not everyone can afford a laptop even if they need it or simply want it, this scheme is causing everyone to be interested. However, the question still remains, is this legitimate or is this a scam?

One thing is for sure, there are those that are legit and there are those that are just there to fool you. For those legit companies who offer free laptops, it is somehow a competition for them. Since a lot of companies have started distributing their innovative products, the competition also became tight. Giving free computers is a marketing strategy for these companies.

However, if you really want to win these laptops then you have to sign up first. You have to give your legitimate name, address, e-mail address and other contact details. This might seem a little shady but it kind of actually really works. Who knows? You might actually be famous by joining in. Not everyone is lucky to get a free laptop though.

For those who are not able to win in laptop contests, you can also try getting your hands on laptops although they are not really entirely for free. This is called crazy free laptops. The idea is that you will be able to get the laptop for a lesser price than its original market value. However, it will not be that easy. You have to do certain tasks and follow certain terms, conditions, rules and instructions before you can get your free computers. In some cases, you also have to shell out a little amount of cash for monthly subscriptions, trial samples, etc.

So what do you have to do? Well, you have to either answer out surveys or submit to product trial evaluations. You have to reach a certain amount of these things before you can actually reap your points or rewards. All you have to do is probably share a testimonial regarding the product–what it is like, the advantages, special features and how did it made you feel when you used it. This is also another marketing strategy that might seem shady to you but it did really work already for several times now.

When it comes to scams, usually these scammers will penetrate your e-mail inboxes by sending you spam e-mails. When you accidentally click stuffs, they can instantly go through your e-mails and contacts and use this as a marketing tool.

So when it comes to free laptops, make sure that the one you are signing up for is legit and authentic.