The Thing About Cheap Laptop Computers

Good, cheap laptop computers can be a bit difficult to find. Although the price of laptop computers are on the whole coming down, even cheap laptop computers are almost always more expensive than their desktop counterparts.

Cheap laptop computers can attribute their popularity to the fact that unlike desktop computers, laptop computers are portable. They can go wherever you go, and are not stuck on a desk tangled in cords, wires, and power strips. All of the intricate, necessary parts of a computer are neatly tucked away in the computer itself, and it all closes up like a thin little textbook, giving laptop computers the alternate name of notebooks. The thing about cheap laptop computers is this: they are no less functional than the more expensive laptop computers.

There are, of course, always things that will vary the price of cheap laptop computers. Some components and features are purely miscellaneous, others are pretty vital for high performance. The first thing to decide when browsing cheap laptop computers is what you will mainly be using the computer for. Some computers have features for business use, others are designed for quality gaming capabilities. Other cheap laptop computers are designed to be general catch all machines, having capabilities to do a good job in more than one area.

One of the other main things to consider when you are looking at cheap laptop computers is which size you need. Surprisingly, oftentimes the smaller the computer, the more expensive it is. The most popular screen size is 15, which is good for general use. It is small enough that you will be able to appreciate the convenient size, yet big enough that you can enjoy a full length movie on it.

Another feature to think about is the memory. A very decent memory size is a 2GB. If you are trying to find a good middle ground between expensive and cheap laptop computers, 1GB of RAM is sufficient. Anything lower than that, and you will probably struggle because of poor capability power and performance.

There are many people who absolutely must have things like several USB ports, more than one CDROM drive, a DVD burner, SD card slots, and other fancy little things. The prices of cheap laptop computers will be affected accordingly, depending on which features you must have and which features you can live without.

A final thing to really take into consideration when buying a cheap laptop computer is the warranty. Whether the computer comes with a factory warranty or the store offers an extended warranty, this can affect the prices of cheap laptop computers greatly, sometimes almost doubling the price you pay, depending on the amount and length of coverage you want.