The Latest Notebooks in The Market

Before providing any latest notebooks reviews or gadget reviews it would be worth clarifying the confusion regarding the difference between laptop and notebook that exists in the mind of the users. However is a thin line of difference between them – first it is just the matter of size and slimness and second what the manufacturer of the product chooses to call it. In this way a notebook is a very lightweight and skinny personal computer but loaded with all the relevant features. The laptops are on the other hand relatively weighty and thick and a bit larger too when compared to the notebooks. Actually it is one of the chief motives of technology to reduce devices to better, slimmer and smaller ones. Due to that reason, feature that used to define the disparity between notebook and laptop is getting reduced to an indistinct and unidentifiable fine line.

MSI’s New GT80

This is an all new series of notebook with 18inch screen with the capacity to hold up to 32 GB of RAM. Other features include Intel Core i7-4980HQ processor, 1080p display, Wi-Fi and LAN with Killer Network, SATA slots for SSD and many more. One striking feature of the notebook is the wide area atop the keyboard with a dragon print but that is not only for the viewers’ pleasure; the portion is removable providing an easy and user friendly access to the hardware system. The keyboard including the numpad is also very cool and one in its kind.

The first notebook from Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is already blamed of duplicating Apple’s tablets, phones and this time notebook. Yes, Xiaomi’s first notebook is having resemblance with Apple’s MacBook Air. The resemblances are not one but many in terms of wedge shape, trackpad, port assembly, webcam, and back hinge. The only thing that is different is perhaps the Xiaomi logo underneath the display. The notebook is purportedly powered by Intel Haswell i7-4500u processor and dual memory of 8 GB each and a full HD display. The price is around S$ 640 which is more or less half of the cost of MacBook Air.

The Yoga 3 Pro from Lenevo:

The specialty of this notebook is that as of now it is one of the few notebooks that are powered by Broad well, the new Core M processor from Intel. This is the kind of processor known for its enhanced performance and significantly low TDP that enabled Lenevo to engage a fan-less chassis. It has also got a keyboard with easy to type facility along with backlights that makes it possible to work in dimly lit environments.

The all new GS30 2M from MSI:

The notebook features pre installed Windows 8.1, Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200. The other feature includes HD webcam, Bluetooth 4.0, backlit keyboard and audio in/out port. Another noteworthy thing to mention is that it only weighs 1.2 kg that qualifies it to be an Ultra book.