Some of the Latest Desktops in the Computers Arena

Although this is the age of notebook, laptop and tabs still desktop is also holding the position of its own. It is due to the fact that in so many places the use of desktop is very obvious and they cannot be replaced by their predecessors simply because they would not suit the purpose. Therein lies the significance of the desktops even at present and that is why they still evolve with new styles and features. And there cannot be any dispute in the fact that in case of the desktops you get a whole lot of features and a very good configuration even within a limited budget. The article is based on the latest desktop news in the computer market along with some discussion on desktop computer reviews.

Apple iMac comes with Retina 5K Display:

This is a very beautifully designed desktop by Apple with amazing 5K Retina display which is sure to dazzle the eyes habituated with 4k display. This is very useful and effective for still and video editing purposes. The style is also very attractive (as with most of the Apple products) with extremely slim aluminum figure having a bulge at the back side to hold the larger components. Moreover the price is also within an affordable range. The incomparable display combined with high performance makes it a very popular choice among the users.

C260 Touch from Lenovo:

Lenovo C260 Touch really proves that one can get an outstanding featured desktop with Windows 8.1 at a very affordable price. The features include HD touch screen, Intel quad-core processor, 4GB memory and pre installed Windows 8.1. The easel patterned arms are helpful in adjusting the viewing angle as per your choice and comfort. What else can one be looking for when the price is just $ 349.99 only? In fact it is a very good choice for the basic computing requirements.

HP Elite One 800:

This new high-tech desktop from HP comes with a number of IT-oriented features. Some of the noteworthy features are quad-core processor, 10 point touch screen, NFC reader, easily serviceable and upgradable, discrete graphics and wall mounting option. The model is highly recommended for homes or offices with space constraint. It is also a good choice for them who do not like the conventional desktops anymore and are looking for an innovative change. But the price is a bit high no doubt.

Dell XPS 18:

Dell XPS 18 looks like a large tablet mounted onto a docking station. It is actually an “all in one” desktop having an 18″ HD monitor which can also be used as a tab. The best feature of it is its high portability and extensive battery performance. The machine is powered by high performance Core i7 processor. It is also one of the thinnest portable PCs at present. It also comes with free subscription of McAfee for an entire year. Bundled with all these features this one is sure to catch the attention of the desktop users.