Simplicity in a Computer Is Possible

I’ve been a long time Apple user and want to share my experiences with those of you who are potentially considering getting a Mac of your own. My first computer was the Apple IIe. I’ve been a loyal fan ever since, and it has come with a price. I was ridiculed during my youth for not having a PC, so I’ve always been in tune with the differences between the two. All of my friends owned PC’s, working their way from DOS up to the most modern Microsoft software. Only until a few years ago have the tides started to sway.

In fact, one person who ridiculed me more than most now calls himself the “Mac Guru.” He has his reasons for converting to the greatest computer operating system of all time, but they’re not what I’m here to tell you. Most PC users have struggled for years with the pitfalls of a windows machine. I’ve been forced to work with them at work, so I too am well aware.

I think what prevents them most from switching from PC to Mac is their unwillingness to get through the learning curve that MUST be associated with a different computer OS. What they don’t realize is that using a Mac is FUN! The learning curve is more like “Wow, that is really simple and intuitive. I didn’t even need to read any help documents, or instructions.” Where on a PC you’re pulling you hair out reading messages that make absolutely no sense. And problems happen that result in a 3 hour call where you’re booting into safe mode and checking this setting, and that setting, and rebooting, and screaming “AHHHHHHH” at the top of your lungs!

Macs just work – period, end of story. Their hardware is top notch, and in the event of a hardware failure, Apple is great about getting your computer fixed under warranty and sent right back. Several friends have received whole new machines, or their machine had some extra upgrades added at no additional cost while they were out. How is that for customer service? I often keep my Mac laptop on for years on end, without rebooting. Seriously, can any other PC computer manufacturer boast that? While using a PC at work I often rebooted as many as 10 times during a typical day. Usually loosing the work that I had been doing since the last reboot.

Apple’s design of the Macintosh is as simple and elegant as the operating system itself. Things are presented in a logical fashion, and it is virtually impossible for the new user to screw things up. Every device is plug and play, meaning it just works when you plug it in. Do you know exactly what that means? There is no need to install software, reboot, and scream with pain when things don’t work.

Here are some other benefits to owning a Macintosh. Better Graphics: Both the processing and the display is better. Making videos, gaming and movies so much better! Better reliability: Things just work! No installing drivers, updating drivers, and all the headaches that are just ingrained in a PC. Better Performance: Apple uses quality components. Not junk that will break in just over a year. I’ve used all my apple Mac computers for at least 7 years, and I still have them! I often pass them on to family members or set them up in a corner. They’re still running just like new! Better Interface: Everything is logical. There is no guessing what things do! The ease of use is unbelievable.

In the end, why buy a computer that tries to imitate Apple and does not have one original thought? Why not get the real deal right in the beginning? Macs are more than one step ahead of their competition in so many ways. It’s a shame that so many people are simply unaware of the greatness and simplicity that is a Macintosh computer. I truly recommend that if you’re “on the fence” about getting a Macintosh that you go and try one for yourself and you may be surprised just how easy the switch will be.