Should You Obtain A Touch Screen Laptop?

Everywhere you go today, you can find people using their portable computers almost everywhere. Coffee shops, fast food restaurants, even at those tables set up in the mall in between shops. More and more people are finding different ways to use their laptops. And with increasingly better technology, and consistently lower prices, it’s no wonder they have become so popular.

One seemingly recent technological advance that has actually been around a while, but has only lately been showing up on laptop computers is a touch screen. You don’t have to move your mouse around to manipulate the cursor on the screen, nor do you have to fool with that inconvenient little square in front of your keypad. You simply touch the screen wherever you’d like to move the cursor, and use the keyboard for the rest. If you have a smart phone, then you’re already familiar with touch screen technology.

One thing that has kept touch screen laptops from going completely main screen is the difficulty in providing a viable product. Manufacturers have to build a screen that is both sensitive enough to respond accurately to the user, yet robust enough to withstand at least a couple of years of touching and poking and prodding. Other products, that have successfully employed touch screens, such as certain smart phones, electronic dictionaries, and personal organizers, use a much smaller screen, and the screens have limited functions.

So how about using a touch screen on a laptop computer? Is the technology there yet to provide both the sensitivity, and the robustness that such a thing requires? This actually depends on how much you’ll be using your touch screen, and what kind of computing you do, and how much money you’re willing to pay. Laptops with a touch screen are a little bit more expensive, and you have a slightly higher risk of using the warranty, which of course means bringing your computer to the shop for repairs.

If you do use your computer quite a bit, and in a variety of places, then a touch screen might be for you. You don’t have to worry about finding enough space to set up your mouse. You can just open it up and start working. On the other hand, if you happen to use your machine only in places where there’s plenty of counter space, like Starbucks, school, or your local library, then you probably don’t need the extra feature. At least not know. It might be better to wait until their durability is assured, and the prices is relatively competitive.

The bottom line is that touch screen computers are a wonderful technology. Whether you should take advantage of them right away, or wait a while, is up to you, and how much you use computers. Hopefully this article has helped you to make that decision.