Is Your Computer Mouse Boring?

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Latest technology in bluetooth wireless computer mouse give supreme performance at a minimal price. Technical partners like microsoft, logitech, razor, apple have invested heavily in past years producing excellent innovations in the computer and laptop mouse market.

Touch technology like the iphone (bluetooth included) and tablet pc’s touch technology seems the way forward for optical computer mouse. Spurred on by other touch technology Apple recently introduced a wireless (bluetooth)touch mouse which combines laptop touch technology to a traditional mouse pad. This has proved hugely popular and an example into modern computer mouse innovation.

What types of mice can you find on the market:

Cordless – wireless

Footmouse – wired

Glidepoint – bluetooth

IntelliMouse – wireless

J mouse – bluetooth

Joystick – wired


Optical Optical – wireless

Touchpad – wireless

Trackball – bluetooth

TrackPoint – wired

Wheel mouse – bluetooth

The different types of computer mice each are improved with the scroll wheel, and become very effective with long document pages. the scroll wheel can be rotated up and down to navigate within a page as the arrows “up and down” buttons on the keyboard.

Sometimes instead of the scroll wheel, the mouse will have a center button or a “rocker” button is designed to the same effect. But they have to be pressed at the top or bottom to achieve the same task. Even though you are using laptop computer it’s actually easier to navigate with one these different types of computer mouse.

5 best computer mice:

Logitech anywhere mouse MX – Bluetooth with trackball included

Microsoft optical explorer mouse – Wireless with trackball included

Madcatz eclipse touch mouse – Wireless with trackball included

Razer opticalimperator – Wired with trackball included

Apple magic mouse – Bluetooth with trackball included

the computer mouse is a pointing device that works by detecting a two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. the computer mouse consists of an object held within the user’s hand and controlled in this manner. This works whether or not its wired, wireless or bluetooth.

The optical wired mouse is controlled by a light-emitting diode and photodiodes that detect movement bouncing off the underlying surface, instead of internal moving parts as that of a mechanical mouse. Cordless or wireless mouses transmit data via infrared radiation to the computer.