Help Fix My Computer Quickly and Easily!

Will somebody help fix my computer quickly and easily? I posted that exact same question in forum once. It was a very active forum populated by newbie computer technicians, gadget or technology lovers and even professional computer experts. Within just an hour of my posting that topic, ten people replied, each giving an advice or suggestion on how to best help fix my computer.

Fixing a computer can be such a daunting task especially to a non expert user. When all that you know about computers is to type a document and view websites, you might probably panic with the first few signs of a computer problem.

When I posted the ‘help fix my computer’ topic on the forum, I was then experiencing a very slow performance from my computer system. My computer is actually more than a year old already and as some people would say it is quite expected for a computer to start to slow down especially if you install a lot of software and use your computer on a regular basis. But that does not mean it cannot be fixed and restored to its previous faster performance.

The first reply I got for my ‘help fix my computer’ thread was a suggestion from a tech support agent telling me to do a disk error check. This one I already knew and I already tried it but I further asked if there was anything specific that I should do regarding that disk check. The fellow replied and told me how to do it. It was a very basic thing and almost every computer user already knows it but the problem is not everybody uses it. So I proceeded to the next reply.

Another guy suggested that I do a virus scan. He argued that there are a lot of computer viruses who do nothing else but to deliberately slow down the performance of a computer. I followed his suggestion so I installed an anti-virus software, ran it, and the program found about a couple of viruses. It was able to remove the viruses and my computer indeed performed better than before. But still, it was a bit slow so turned back to my ‘help fix my computer’ forum thread.

Another fellow advised me to defrag my hard drive. Again, this was a very basic thing and I already performed that operation that same day. It took about an hour to defrag my two hard drives, probably because of the size of the disks as well as the number of files that were installed there.

Finally, the one suggestion that truly solved my computer problem was from a guy who told me to download a free registry cleaner and run it on my machine. I was not very familiar with registry cleaners so the fellow walked me through it. I installed the registry cleaner, activated it and it cleaned up my Windows registry. And with just that, my computer was finally working perfectly! It was fast again and now I don’t have to wait for minutes and minutes of loading time whenever I open a computer program.