GRE Scanner

There are so many types of digital trunking scanners to choose from. You can have ordinary digital trunking scanners, portable scanners, hand-held scanners, table top scanners, and base or mobile scanners.

People who usually buy digital trunking scanners are police, public government officers, fire police and many others. To respond immediately and to keep themselves updated, they use scanners.

GRE scanners, Uniden scanner and Bearcat scanners are some of the top selling digital trunking scanner providers. All of these companies provide scanners, scanner accessories, services and computer scanner applications. If you think you have all the accessories for your scanners, think again. There are more accessories available which you might need to make it more comfortable to use your scanner and to give it more beauty and functionality.

For the record, we will talk more about GRE scanners. GRE scanners are divided into different code names to identify which has which features. It has GRE PSR-100 scanner up to GRE PSR-700 scanner and more. For now, we will be discussing these seven main GRE scanners.

For those who wanted a more affordable scanner with two hundred channels then GRE PSR-100 and GRE PSR-200u is for you. This is especially ideal for those who are first time users of digital trunking scanners. It has a one touch feature which would automatically search channels for you. You can also connect this scanner to your personal computer.

The GRE PSR-300 scanner and GRE PSR-400 scanner also have same features. Both are triple trunking scanners. They are both compatible with Motorola analog, EDACS and LTR. They have 1000 channels and 1500 TGID. It has attenuator to improve connection and signal. However, GRE PSR-400 is not a handheld scanner.

The GRE PSR-500 scanner and GRE PSR-600 scanner have the same features as well. Both have intuitive scanning ability. The main feature of this product is its graphical user interface which makes it user friendly. Its firmware is also upgradeable However, GRE PSR-600 is not a handheld scanner.

Finally, GRE PSR-700 scanner is the most advanced since it has SD card feature that has preprogrammed channels and trunked systems in it. This scanner works like an mp3 player.

As a whole, there are so many GRE scanners to choose from. You can choose a GRE scanner depending on your purpose and depending on your local town’s current trunk system.