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Located in Central Alberta, Canada, Powers Enterprises has been offering a wide variety of computer service to Eckville and the surrounding area since 1989. They specialize in gaming accessories, computer repair service, Linux systems and support, electronic components, computer networking, custom built gaming systems and much more.

With their broad range of services and products, they are dedicated to providing the most reliable computer repairs, parts and service along with superior customer satisfaction that you can consistently rely on.

With over twenty years in the industry, they continue to apply their skills and experience on building outstanding quality computers and offering reliable support. This dedication to quality has led to highly happy clients that continue to use them when they need assistance with their computer systems.

Their Products and Services

PC and Gaming Systems

The have a large variety of gaming system computers that are designed to be of the highest standards in performance, quality and speed. Their extreme gaming systems is extreme and outperforms all the online and standalone gaming systems. In addition to their gaming system computers, they offer a selection of PCI-Express cards that are high quality and designed to meet your display needs.

Using their extreme gaming system, you will never need to buy separate game systems, DVD players, and/or a stereo. A PC from Powers Enterprises is capable of handling it all and is fully upgradeable when you want more speed and power. Not happy with your display, GPU and gaming accessories? Never fear, they have all your accessory needs covered.

They create their motherboards using only the most stable boards with the highest quality throughputs. Their motherboards have the ability to be upgraded as needed. They are committed to never using generic untested parts and painstakingly spend days testing and choosing the highest quality components and chipsets for their custom built computers. They customize any specification to your requirements because they are dedicated to making sure that you receive exactly what you need and want. They pride themselves on their reputation as a registered reseller of MSI, Microsoft, Kingston, AMD, Toshiba, ASUS, Segate, Intel, Thermaltake, and many more name brands.

Committed To Your Repair Needs

At Powers Enterprises, they can repair or upgrade your present system. They back up their repairs, and all systems are cleaned and tested. End your networking blues, with our comprehensive computer networking, data storage, data backup, powerful servers, and web site design. They repair and upgrade all brands at fair prices. They call with a diagnosis and cost before doing any work that is unexpected.

If you are unsure about operating your PC or office system, they offer basic Windows use tutorials and how to use your office system to the best of its abilities. In just about three hours, they can having you using your computer like it was second nature much like watching TV or operating your TV’s remote.

They Are A High Speed Internet Provider

Look no further than the company you’ve trusted for all your computer repair and upgrades since 1989. They supply fixed wireless internet to use with your router, wireless router, computer or switch. They are dedicated to ensuring that their clients have access to an affordable high-speed internet connection when cable and ADSL is not available. Their high speed internet connection when put up[ against satellite systems, is often more reliable and quicker but this does vary depending on local factors.

Supplementary Services

They build award winning, completely custom built and configured desktops, notebooks and servers. This comes loaded with any operating system you choose, hardware that is lightning fast and software that you want, not that we think you need. The offer all this at super affordable prices with all the software updates and configurations you need and a comprehensive warranty.

Call them if you are in need of:

* IT Consultant

* Computer Repair Service

* Computer Networking Service

* IT Consultant

* High Speed Internet Provider

* Gaming Accessories

* Electronic Components

* Gaming Accessories

* Computer Repair Service

Depend on a quality IT consultant and reliable computer building service with an outstanding history of success. Powers Enterprises has the commitment and experience to make your computer needs easy.