Computer Stores on the Go

This computer store is in Clinton New Jersey, built in the year 1993. They provide not just complete computer sets but also offer repair and upgrading services. They are trusted for their efficient repair services. They have custom built personal computers that fit the needs of their clients. They provide either wired or wireless networking. They also have cams for home video surveillance systems and nanny; media center for entertainment system; and home theater or audio system.

With Affordable In-Home Computer, you can have your music, videos and photos in one place. You can also have video games and net surfing. If you have the Custom Media Center Living Room Entertainment System, you can have all of this in your living room big screen.

When you install Affordable In-Home Computer’s home video surveillance system, you can be sure of your home security. Parents can be sure that their children are safe from their nanny because it consists of a nanny cam so they can be at peace. You can also see the people who are at your front door. This system has a remove option that allows homeowners to view their home in any internet access computers. Their wired and wireless pre hidden cameras include all the household items.

Atlantic Computer System & Services Inc.

They have been in the market since 1990. They have provided solutions for all the system integration and development that focuses on cutting edge technologies. The company’s goal is to have a long term relationship with their clients. They aim to have a positive relationship with their clients. They invest more time to be able to plan and strategize every project assigned to them. This allows them to help their client’s organization increase productivity, reduce overhead and eliminate downtime.

Their methodology are based on the newest object oriented concepts and principles that allows their client to reengineer or upgrade existing systems. This is for the cutting edge technologies that are present today. They have wide variety of their products and services like Custom Application Development, Internet E-Commerce, Corporate Networking and Systems Conversions. Their client ranges starts from medium sized companies that have a minimum of two hundred fifty employees.


They have professional personnel for the domestic and off shore teams. Their teams consist of highly adept people of developers, system analysts, communication experts, system designers, quality control engineers, documentation writes, testing personnel, and help desk personnel.

They have been proven to manage and operate offshore outsourcing operations that are in large scales. Their developers have enough knowledge about mathematics and science fields. Their resources are available in any platform.

They use languages like Visual, Access, Delphi, Windows Palm Pilot, Bar Coding, Penright and many real time systems. They use the latest internet technologies. Their networking technologies include Windows, Mainframe, Linux, Mini, UNIX, Cisco and Spectrum. They find all possible ways to satisfy the system needs of their clients.

Turnkey Software Solution

This is another computer store that also offers outsourcing. They give solutions to all your information system needs. They deal with Real-Time Wireless, bar coding, Handheld PCs, Internet Communication, Report Writer and Inventory Control Systems

These computer stores offer not just the computer sets that we are looking for. They have all the possible accessories that you are looking for. They also offer computer system services to answer your computer system problems. Some of them build websites for you. Choose the computer stores that have full knowledge everything about computers from hardware to software.