Benefits of Linux on PS3

For those people that know quite a lot about software development, they are most likely to know that there is almost a constant battle between open source and proprietary software development. It is interesting therefore to note that there is now talk about a Linux PS3.

It is a well known fact that the Sony PS3 is seen as one of the best gaming devices that is currently available on the market. You will be sure that you are getting a great product if you buy one. If you do decide to get a Linux one then all you have to do is load the operating system on the hard drive of the gaming device. This means that you could get a whole new array of games.

You are not going to find that it is difficult to put Linux on the PS3. All it requires is that this is installed onto the hard drive. This will ensure that you can have any open source games that you would like.

If you are worried about the nature of open source games then this is not something that should concern you. Because you will find that there are a lot of standards and that there is a high level of quality when it comes to the development of these games. So this means that you will be getting a great quality game.

What you will have to make sure of though, is that you have a professional available when it comes to the installation of the operating system on the hard drive. This means that you will ensure that you get the best service and of course the most favourable gaming experience.

So go ahead and choose a Linux PS3 if you would like to.