4 Top Growth Careers To Consider

Students, laid-off workers and mid-life career changers looking to find or switch careers should target their search to an occupation that is growing and is expected to continuing growing over the course of the next ten years. The career fields discussed here are four areas of work that will grow the fastest over the next decade.

1. Medicine. All medical specialties, from nurses to respiratory therapists to physicians are in short supply. Nurses and related-service providers, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, home care assistants, nursing home workers will be needed more and more as the populations get older. Working conditions for most medical and health care personnel are generally good.

Overall, working conditions are quite good. If you are able to withstand a good deal of stress, handle crisis situations with ease and are interested in life sciences, a career in health care may be just what you are looking for.

2. Education. Each state has its own list of the educational careers in which there is a shortage. Generally, careers such as speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists, school nurses, special education teachers, instructional assistants and middle school math and science teachers are in high demand.

Working conditions are good. Teachers and administrators should be prepared to work after school hours. Pay for educational professionals is quite a bit lower than comparably educated professionals in other fields. To be successful in an educational career you should be even tempered, able to explain concepts in simple terms, patient and enjoy being around children.

3. Alternate Energy Sources. As people become increasingly aware that the demand for fossil fuels will outstrip the supply, alternative energy sources are being seriously researched. Research into solar power, wind power and other alternate power sources is really in its infancy. People who want to make an impact that will benefit the global society, who are scientific, creative and enjoy solving problems should take a look at the green energy field.

4. Computer Careers. Two computer careers, computer systems analyst and computer software engineer, are going to be in more demand than ever in the coming years. They will be needed to assist companies with their computer needs, design software to protect against security breaches and build and maintain the computer networks that every aspect of modern society has become dependent on.

Working conditions are clean. Hours can be long if there is a problem with the system that needs fixing immediately or if working on a project with a looming deadline. The best fit for these jobs would be a person who enjoys analytical tasks and is detail oriented. A solid foundation of math is essential. Working conditions are excellent and starting pay is above average.